Running a Remote Team

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Leadership is challenging in any context, yet when you mix in factors associated with a remote team, such as limited communication, disengagement, and different time-zones, it becomes even more so. Unlike traditional work environments, leading a remote team tends to be more disorienting, time-consuming, and complex.

Work 100% online with our coaches and learn how to:

• Motivate and focus your team to reach goals

• Increase collaboration 

• Eliminate misunderstandings, miscommunication and second guessing

• Manage teams across different time zones and countries

• Delegate efficiently

• Give your employees a sense of ownership and increase teamwork

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In today’s world, technology is changed the way we do business. Many professionals are now opting to work from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere with an internet connection. Organisations are benifiting from this as well, as it provides an opportunity to save money and hire the best talent without limiting themselves to geographical restrictions. With the increasing globalization and diversification of industries, this trend will only continue to grow.

What does this mean for managers? 

The prevailing popularity of remote work is not only changing the way businesses operate, but also the way managers must lead. Most leaders are used to regular in-person communication, yet those working with a remote team must learn how to direct, engage, and unify their staff regardless of physical proximity.

Work 100% online with our team of experience coaches to get the best out of your team by learning how to increase collaboration, give a sense of ownership, eliminate misunderstandings, miscommunication and second guessing while focusing them to reach their goals.

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