Women in Business

I am coming across something unexpected while working with my clients. Men specifically looking to employ women. And it’s not just from a politically correct gender diversity perspective, they genuinely perceive the women in their business to be the ‘doers’.

One male client in particular expressed it this way, “men feel entitled to leadership and management positions, where as women feel they have a point to prove and this pushed them to achieve more and just generally get more done. There is less stuffing around, posturing or grand standing and more doing.” 

Now here is the next thing I found surprising it that it’s across the board all the way from IT to construction in male dominated environments. From an external consulting perspective, I see this translate in terms or reliability.

Who is the person I can contact that will get back to me with a date and have their team organised when they show up?

 More often than not, it’s the woman in the office. Yes, I can see how you might view this as an admin/PA’s role, but it translates to much higher roles within the organisation such as General Managers, Project Managers and even Directors. Yes, even Directors.

The biggest problem business owners have putting women in these roles is that there aren’t enough of them applying for the roles in the first place and the reality is you can’t recruit a woman for a role, if one doesn’t apply.

So, the real question is, where are all of these women hiding? I personally would love to know as 90% of my clients are men and this same percentage is also reflected in their employee base.

Lately I have found myself wondering, where DO most women work? Because it’s not where I am.

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