About Us

Our Mission Statement & Values

We believe it’s important to know the people you bring into your business share your values and beliefs.


Helping businesses and the people they employ to thrive.


  • Growth – Ongoing professional and personal development.
  • Enablement – Giving others the support and freedom to grow.
  • Proactivity – Rather than reactivity.
  • Ownership – Of both the good and the bad.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration – Working together to achieve our goals.
  • Trust – In those around us to be proactive team players who have ownership and enable those around them to grow.

Our Team

Get to know our AIBL Global Team.

Natasha Leak


Natasha was on track for an executive role, but still found herself being regularly requested to work ‘in the trenches’ with clients. Rather than continuing down the c-suite path, Natasha decided to start AIBL Global so that she can continue to work on the front line with her clients.

Natasha’s strength is in understanding how the key elements of the business impact one another and affect overall organisational health.

With a background in executive coaching, project management, business development, design and safety this gives Natasha a uniquely holistic perspective.

Expertise includes:

  • Leadership and Management Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • High performing teams
  • Founder issues


  • Postgraduate business degree
  • TMS certified
  • Certified trainer and assessor

If you require guidance, different concepts, an impartial interpretation of your business, and a blueprint on how you can grow, progress and experience success both in business and personal growth, They have the attitude, knowledge and skills to accompany you through the journey.

Expert listeners, constantly questioning and challenging and effective at discovering the information behind the information – Thank you for your direction

Anthony Clark – Director

I have been working with AIBL Global for a couple of months and they have been instrumental in helping me and my organisation solve various issues we are facing in leadership and management practise.

They have great insight and the ability to identify the underlying issues and has helped my organisation and I to address these in a practical manner.

I can definitely recommend AIBL Global.

Rudi Steyn – CTO

“I recommend Aibl Global to all companies or individuals that want to develop their business.

They have a wealth of knowledge that assists our company on a broad spectrum across the whole business.”

David Bradshaw – Sales Manager

We use Aibl Global for all of our coaching and strategy needs. They provide fantastic coaching at a level and pace suitable for our business at a reasonable cost.

Shane Dunne – Managing Director


As a result of our coaching we have ended up growing our business organically to the point where I’m at capacity and because I invested in this process up font my business structure is viable and profitable.

Michelle Cirson – Managing Director

They are fantastic. Definitely worked wonders for our business. Highly recommend their services.

Brett Learoyd – Director

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